Swen Koenig and the team responsible for this solution that SAP's customers use as part of their SAP installation, share a little about how they work with development and improvements. They will also touch in on the work that is being done to ensure the quality of the solution. Join this "tour on the inside of SAP."


In this session you will learn how to get informed about the most important technical issues in your SAP landscape by using the SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) Workspace.

  • Understand the prerequisites for using the EWA cloud applications with your systems (as customer, or as VAR-d partner)
  • Learn to use the Workspace to get new insights of your SAP EarlyWatch Alert reports.
  • See an example, how SAP uses predictive analytics to inform customer about critical SAP HANA table that will soon reach the 2 billion record limit.


Swen König
Swen König,
Product Owner for SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace (LinkedIn)


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Learn and discuss in our web meeting, 09:00 - 10:00


Vores vidensdeling, SAP kurs


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