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Show them how to do it

We can host, market, record and share
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Attend with 2 participants at
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Partner & Marketing Subscription - DKK 34.500*

 Included in subscription:

  • Show them who you are
  • Show them what you do
  • Meet them
  • Show them your experts
  • Access our Community
  • Save on sponsorships


  • Work together with them - DKK 19.000*.
  • Show them how to do it - DKK 8.000*.
  • Let them get to know you - DKK 8.000*.

  • Extra participant at SBN F2F Innovation Team events - Yearly DKK 3.600*.
  • SBN Conference participant - From DKK: 5.100*. 
  • SBN Conference Sponsor Combo - Pricing on request.

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*All prices are today's price calculated from the Norwegian krone. The accurate price is calculated from the current exchange rate at the time of purchase.
All prices are for 12 months and excluding VAT.


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