All available SAP webcasts are called SAP Knowledge Transfers and are visible in our events calendar.

As example "SAP Road Map for SAP Fiori" , "SAP Cloud for Sales: Work smarter",  "SAP Road Map for Public Sector"  webcast examples, selected from the schedule of the coming week.


Step 1: choose "sign up" to the right on the event

sign up


Step 2: Fill out your email and password or choose "continue without having signed in"

sign up



Step 3a: If you choose to sign in, you get this picture:     Step 3b: if you don't choose to sign in, you get this picture:

sign up sign up


Step 4: Fill in your information (if you haven't logged in) and choose "next - see and confirm...".
(We only need information in the boxes under "Person" so you do not have to fill in the boxes under "Address").


Step 5: You get this picture. If you are satisfied with the information choose "Yes, this is correct..."

sign up confirm


Step 6: The registration is complete and you receive a confirmation email with log-in details.

sign up

How to enter the webcast:

Step 1: Use the link in the confirmation email from us and you get this page:  Step 2: Enter your name here and choose "Meet now"

(The link doesn't work in Safari)

SAP webcast                                  SAP webcast


Step 3: You are entering the meeting - it might take a minute or so. Once you're in there is a dialogue box which shows the phone number you need to call if you want to hear the presenter and to ask questions. Most often the presenters mute everyone.

The meeting window looks like this:

SAP webcast

Now you are all set! 

If the dialogue box with the numbers doesn't open or you accidentally close it, you can find the numbers again and you can also adjust the sound:

SAP webcast SAP webcast


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