SAP provides a lot of very good and free information. Log in to SAP Knowledge Transfer webcasts on SAP Market Place to play free learning-sessions. This is also where you find recordings of the Knowledge Transfers you see in our events-list.

Access to SAP Knowledge Transfer webcasts

1. To access the recordings of previous webinars you need an account with SAP. Go to, choose “Register” in the right corner (choose “log in” if you already have an account and scroll down to number 4:

2. Follow the three steps:

  • Fill in the form and submit
  • Write down the registration password, you see on the next screen. This is needed in step 3.
  • Pick up your User ID and password. An email has been sent to you with further instructions.

3. Once you have your log in, choose log in:

4. Enter username and password

  • There has been some problems with log in in Safari, so if you experience problems, try Chrome or Firefox instead.


5. Now you are logged in, choose “Customer Involvement” and then “SAP User Groups”:

6. At this page you can find lots of relevant info other than just SAP Knowledge Transfer, so be sure to take a look around. Choose SAP Knowledge Transfer - Webinars

7. Go explore and get free information directly from SAP:

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