The new SBN Adfahrer Team
In picture, from left: Top row: Johan Rusaanes, Roar Hvidsten, Joakim Löves, Thor Øyvind Nilsen. Bottom row: Thea Nilsen, Martin Brownsword, Andries van Bruggen, Eigil B. Jensen, Inger Randi Spakerud, Eva-Maria Fahrer, Hans Butenschøn, Bente Boger, Bernt Bakken, Didrik Arstad. Missing in picture Cathrine Kjær.

Another year has passed and the new year is a gift which we have to respectfully utilise, enjoy and benefit from. 

Many have dates already reserved for meetings, conferences, vacation travels, city weekends and many other things. The new SBN Team has planned for 2018. We are now looking forward to Christmas and New Year. Enjoyable days ahead, where people not working with year-end in accounting, can take time off. I hereby give you our most important days to help you prepare for next year:

Reserve for SBN in 2018Jul-kulor

17th-18th October, for the SBN Conference

On Fridays, there are running web meetings on SAP-related topics 9:00, 10:30 and 13:00 
Are you interested in IoT, Leonardo and automation for Logistics/Energy?
Then mark 20th March and 30th May in your calendar.
Are you interested in Emerging technologies, out of the IT perspective?
Then mark 16th-17th March for a Hackathon and 29th May for an InnoTeam day in your calendar.
Are you interested in Automation, Robotisation, Real-time analyses and GDPR out of Finance perspective? Then mark 30th May in your calendar.
Are you interested in Automation, Robotisation, GDPR, Analytics out of HR perspective? Then mark 23rd of May in your calendar.
The next year we will continue our efforts to create value for our members.
The license structures are renovated and re-evaluated by SAP.
Andries Van Bruggen is our representative in this team. 

The service offerings are renovated and re-evaluated by SAP
Martin Brownsword is our representative in this team. 
The digitalisation is coming into our business processes.
Our Focus is on "Showing the Way" - We will help as much as we can by convincing the fast movers to share how they've done it, and make the offerings from SAP and other vendors visible and understandable. We are also changing our own IT landscape. Everyone is hit by the new technology also the User Group's back-office functions. 

We need your help - you are more than welcome to join us!

We need input! Thursday 14th December the survey is sent out. Look for it in your mailbox and tell us what is ongoing in your company what what you therefore would like us to focus on.
Most of all we need people from customers of SAP who like to share and advice to bring the Nordic community to a next level. We are doing well in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. To continue to do so we need the cooperate and help each other to become better and use the opportunities, technology bring.
I can find you a seat in an InnoTeam board, where you can give your advice on which areas the team should focus on. We look for topics of interest from a customer perspective.
We are especially eager to get in contact, if your interest is in Sales, CRM or Marketing. This is an area where we need advice to raise the quality in the offers we have for our members.

Engaged in SBN? Then these are the dates for you to note down:

16th January, first Team Leader, planning meeting
17th January, first Board Meeting in 2018
6th-7th of March SAP User Group SIG Leads Meet SAP Experts in Walldorf
23rd of March, SBN Yearly Meetings
7th-10th May Global User Group meeting on Strategic level, with 3 representatives from SBN
Around 12th of November Global User Group meeting on Strategic level, with 3 representatives from SBN

With this we wish you: Ein guten rutsch ins Neue Jahr!

(The German Happy New Year) Ein guten rutsch ins Neue Jahr

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