Students will innovate on real Energy Industry problems.

Competitors will be faced with a challenging task! They will have several suggested cases available to them which they may use as a starting point for innovation, plus ready-made data from a Wind Turbine and the Digital Twin of the Turbine.

This is an example of the type of challenge students will be given illustrated
by a real-life problem and solution from another industry.  
Hackathon Sensor data of Bridge

The picture is taken from a Fedem PowerPoint presentation. It shows a diagram consisting of values registered by sensors installed at a Bridge and on the Truck in the picture. The sensors measure vibrations. The sensors share the position of the truck. The sensor set-up enables a continuous health check of the bridge which has shown exterior damage.




The Energy Industry would like the Wind Turbine systems to become smarter.
The proposed challenges to use as starting point for innovation are in this area.

The concept of a Digital Twin was created to enable smart functions.
The students will get access to a very large dataset which holds information from a Wind Turbine and the Digital Twin of the Turbine.The dataset is ready to use in SAP tools, on which students, beforehand will be offered basic training.

Read more about the event here. 
We very much look forward to their innovation ...Hackathon Digital Twin

The Hackathon will be held September 21-22, 2018, at many locations.

It is possible to register as part of the audience if you are a member of the SBN user group. Hackathon Food
Send me an e-mail em(at)

Hackathon Food

It is possible to sponsor Pizza, Caffeine, Sweets  
also more healthy food for the Students.
 Read about options here

Do you know an interested student at Aalborg University,
Chalmers University of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,
NTNU (University Trondheim), University of Oslo? 
He or she can register here

Accenture Hackathon Renewable Energy SAP




Nordic Sponsor and the enabler of this amazing event is: 


The Internet of Things (IoT) is considered to be one of the 10 most significant future technologies that will change business and society. In particular, in renewable energy modern technology plays the leading role, both in terms of developing new innovative ideas and how we can manage our existing facilities better and in a less resource-intensive way. And that's exactly what all players in the energy industry are asking for today. What comes closer to that than bringing academic, industry and IT experts together to speed up innovations?

SAP and the Norwegian SAP user group SBN, together with a number of large players within the Wind Power business, are therefore organizing a 24-hour hackathon for engineering and IT students from some of the top universities in Scandinavia. The Hackathon starts on Friday, the 21st of September, with the goal of turning real-time IoT data collected from a wind power plant, into smart and innovative digital twin concepts, solutions and services that would bring value to the wind power industry by leveraging SAP cloud technologies.

Wind Power experts from our partners Siemens, Equinor, Vattenfall, Ørsted will join our judging panel along with representatives from SAP and Accenture our Nordic Sponsor.
Student mentorship will be available at the different universities - Aalborg, Chalmers, KTH, NTNU, and UiO, with academic, consulting, technology and industry support provided to students to guide them and help them succeed in their mission.

Ørsted    Siemens  Vattenfall  
Equinor    SAP

PS: This Hackathon was initially planned for 16-17th of March 2018 and postponed due to the unavailability of key people and a breakout of influenza :-)


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