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Innovation with SAP has taken on a new meaning with the introduction of SAP Leonardo, the purpose of which is to help customers innovate at scale to redefine their business. In simple terms, Leonardo is SAP’s way of packaging innovation. From under the cover of Leonardo’s umbrella, new technologies are emerging and helping to transform traditional business functions by leveraging the Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, Augmented Reality, Robotics, AI and Smart Machines.

The purpose of SBN’s Digital Innovation Day is to bring some perspective to the concept of digital innovation, to cut through the hype of the latest technology trends and to help you to see the possibilities in your own company. The presentations and demonstrations will take a deeper look at these new and emerging technologies and will include numerous examples of what customers are doing today. In brief, highlights of the day are:

  • Carsten Nitschke, SAP’s European Head of Leonardo explains how SAP Leonardo protects your current SAP investments while making you ready for the journey from ERP to Intelligent Enterprise.
  • Trygve Halvorsen presents Accenture’s technology vision and how the findings will create new, innovative products and services, soon to be regular features of our everyday lives
  • S5 and Disruptive Technologies will share and demonstrate one of Norway’s most exciting partnerships in the IoT space led by Terje Pedersen and Martin Sommer
  • Njål Omland from Cognizant takes a realistic look at what the cloud can offer and helps us to differentiate between the hype and fact so we can make informed decisions
  • Sopra Steria’s Hololens Team demonstrate what is possible in the space of virtual and augmented reality and the applications. It will be possible to try the equipment
  • Our local Blockchain expert, Stephan Nilsson from Skye Consulting, will introduce the concept of Blockchain as a Service applied to buying and selling data in an SAP environment
  • Simen Huuse from itelligence direct from Palo Alto in Silicon Valley will take us through a number of cases where machine learning and robotics are driving productivity gains and greatly improved results

Martin Brownsword

For any customer or partner with an idea on, starting or currently running a project that potentially could use of the latest technologies there will be some great news and an offer of free help from SAP’s Carsten Nitschke. We hope as many of you as possible will be able to make the trip to Sopra Steria in the heart of Oslo but for those who can’t we will be streaming the event.

For a full agenda, and to register please use the following link: 

Questions or further information please contact:
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