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News and Events are published on www.sbn.no 
Registrations are made and participation lists are visible on www.sbn.no. For events from 4 March the participants are be found on here and on the new page after 15 March everything has 100% moved to www.sbn.no.
This is page is our archive for events performed before 4 of March 2019 and news published before 8th or March.  A move to a new platform is not as easy as it seems when planned but now finally the new event registrations are made on the new page www.sbn.no. Cathrine manually has moved all registrations made from the page you are looking at, to the new page and closed the events on this page for registration.

The newsletter was first time sent from the news published only on www.sbn.no the 15th March. Out of curtesy for your time Joakim made double work a few weeks to avoid create confusion. More data also make you discover new things like incorrect sort order or missing data due to limitations ... but also these things got fixed and the new platform is great.

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